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Lisa Miosi, European Representative
c/o CMP, Rennweg 72, A-1030,  Vienna, Austria
phone: +43.(0)676.847772104
fax: +43.(0)1.4078969-118
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THE GLOBAL HAND CONCEPT. We will explain Global Hand, its goals and objectives, membership issues, the services it offers, etc.

CENTRAL EUROPEAN APPLICATION OF GLOBAL HAND. We will ask participantsí counsel regarding the application of Global Hand that would be of greatest relevance to Central Europe.

TSUNAMI RESPONSE. We are offering an opportunity for you to discuss tsunami activity, if you are involved and this would help support your efforts.

MICRO/SMALL/MEDIUM ENTERPRISE. This will be a major emphasis in our conference. We will discuss issues specific to the Central and Greater Europe situation and ways in which product placement can facilitate job creation.

STANDARDS. We are very interested in discussing appropriate standards for the Central European situation and hearing from participants re types of humanitarian product you find helpful or unhelpful in your context.

NETWORKING. There is a great deal of synergy between participants attending a conference of this nature. Evenings will be kept free to maximise networking opportunities. In addition, participants will be invited to bring information about their own organisations in order to liaise most fully.

TROUBLE SHOOTING. Common challenges in this field will be discussed, providing opportunities for trouble-shooting, mutual support and the sharing of experience.

PARTNERING. We want to target partnering options that will work best for operators in this field. We will seek to have these incorporated into the Global Hand website in order to maximise their effectiveness.

LANGUAGE ISSUES. We will look at levels of translation possible for the Global Hand site in order for non-English speakers to be comfortable with it.

OTHER. If there are further agenda points you would like to request, please let us know.